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About Us




We are a part of New Age Vidya. New Age Vidya was founded by mediums, psychics, holy swamis and related professions. New Age represents new age spirituality where the ancient core of spirituality is very important. Vidya means knowledge. Our goal is back to the roots "back to the core." This means that we all tell the truth about the origins of spirituality in yoga, aura / chakra, meditation, mantras, astrology, Pundits work, energy and reiki courses etc.


Our specialist and teacher who grew up with this tradition and inaugurated, will give you more information during the courses and lectures. Many know him from psychic fairs where he gives free consult ( He is not aloud to take consult money from tradition, people can give donations if they want), his team gives free head neck and shoulder massage, after that he checks the auras and chakras. He is born  as psychic medium / psychic.


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How do i find the right astrologer or clairvoyant ?

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